Vintage 1947 DeSoto Taxi
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Mr. Lundahl has visited the Concours d'Elegance several times through vacations to Pebble Beach in August where the grand event is held. On one of these visits, he witnessed a striking DeSoto Taxi painted in traditional Red & Yellow colors parked outside The Tap Room at the Pebble Beach Lodge. This proved to be the inspiration to acquire a DeSoto of his own to restore. A Google search led to the discovery of a unrestored 1947 DeSoto in a small town in Missouri. The vehicle had a remarkably intact body and frame that was ideal for restoration. Mr. Lundahl upgraded the vehicle with an R700 automatic transmission, V8 Chevy crate engine, power steering, power brakes, power windows, air conditioning and XM Radio. This vintage DeSoto Taxi has won awards and appears in films and television. The vintage taxi recently earned a second place trophy at the National DeSoto Club Convention held in Indiana and has been featured in a number of films, including the Ray Kroc biopic, "The Founder".

Vintage Taxi